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The story of Fileni is intertwined with that of its founder: Giovanni Fileni was born in Monsano, in the Marche region, on 28th January 1940, the youngest of three brothers, to a family of tenant farmers in the Vallesina countryside.

Unable to finish his studies at high school, at 14 years old he began work as a mechanic in a traditional motorbike workshop and set up a small company in this sector in 1958, when he had just turned eighteen. In 1965 his interest in poultry farming began and so, while continuing to work as a mechanic, he began experimenting with a first system for rearing farmyard animals in the countryside around Monsano, near the family home. One year later he built the first barn for rearing 5000 chickens which would be sold on a door-to-door basis, to the housewives of Vallesina.

In 1967, with the help of his wife Rosina, in Jesi he opened the first shop selling chickens directly to the public. In the 14 years that followed, the number of shops rose to 48 and the rearing barns totalled 15, covering an area of 21,000 square metres. The first slaughterhouse was built in 1968. This experience of direct contact with the consumer was fundamental to understanding the social changes taking place, which were inevitably mirrored in the new demands made by these consumers. And so began one of the most important aspects of Fileni as we know it today, the sale of ready-to-use products.



In the late 1980s, Giovanni Fileni was the first to predict and interpret the shift from retailing to large-scale distribution. The chain of shops was closed and a factory producing ready-to-use goods built in Cingoli, near Jesi, in 1989. In 1995 the entrepreneur decided to build a new larger slaughterhouse paving the way for a complete meat processing chain, at a time when many poultry companies were going under as a result of not implementing a complete cycle from chick to finished product. In 2008 Fileni made an important step towards further expansion by commencing production at its new premises in Castelplanio. The company employs 1600 staff: the third company sustainability report, published in 2008, was dedicated entirely to them.

Fileni is now the third-placed player in the poultry sector on a national scale and the leading producer of organically-reared white meat in Italy. Its clients include high-profile organisations such as Coop Italia,  Esselunga, Autogrill, Ikea, Unilever and Plasmon.



Over the next five years, Fileni will become the leading brand of white meat in the wellbeing and haute cuisine sector. To achieve this objective, we will be implementing a strategy designed tocreate value in terms of trade, becoming the point of reference for ready meals as far as Italian families are concerned, placing great emphasis on health and the enjoyment of taste. We will carve out a presence in all sales channels, thanks to our extraordinary products with great added value. Our values, which form the basis of our work every day, guide us and inspire us to strive for improvement.


Missione e valori(1)


We all pull in the same direction to achieve the same objective, sharing successes and problems alike: this is how we tackle our work.
We look for simple ways of resolving complex problems and try to eliminate the habits preventing growth.
Knowing how to listen means knowing how to communicate. This is why we always make sure we are aware of matters within the company and outside it, so that we can quickly take advantage of opportunities and anticipate critical situations.
Curious by nature, innovators by vocation. At Fileni, we never tire of exploring new horizons in our quest to develop increasingly tasty and authentic products. Your satisfaction is our very first thought.
The values of transparency, respect for our work and team spirit inspire us every day. Fileni is as honest with its consumers as it is with its employees: we are convinced that honesty and transparency are the key ingredients to working in the best possible way.
We have had to take risks while demonstrating courage and awareness. It does not matter how many mistakes you make: what counts is having the strength to start over and try again, with even more strength and determination.

The key to our success is the clear choice that we have made: to provide genuine products and quality market. Fileni was among the first Italian companies in the sector to obtain the certification of the product and the supply chain traceability. Founded by John Fileni in 1978, the company has grown steadily and soon was looking out the large retailers. In time, in fact, it increased its production to meet a growing demand and to serve a larger market.


In the new and modern factory of tracks, among the hills, Fileni has developed the Agribusiness System, through which you can control the entire production process, from breeding to distribution. He then obtained the certification of its quality management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 and IFS prestigious European certification, an achievement which attests to the consistency in relation to their mission. Quality and authenticity of products, creativity and innovation, an increasingly open attitude to the improvement and the acceptance of new challenges: these are the strong points of a company in constant expansion, solidly rooted in tradition, attentive to the present and into the future.



Fileni utilises cutting-edge technology and applies it to special traditional crafting processes.  Chefs and food technicians work side by side in our experimental kitchen, with the aim of constantly improving, developing and testing new recipes.

The kitchen/laboratory not only has the usual appliances found in all kitchens, but is also equipped with machines simulating production activities on a much smaller scale. Weekly panel tests are also carried out across the entire range of products, to ensure that the highest production standards are always achieved.




Research and development activities are aimed at studying new gastronomic and culinary trends in our country, so that we always provide consumers with the product that best suits their tastes and requirements, while guaranteeing the very best quality.

Every day, our research and development department works on developing and fine-tuning new recipes with advice and cooking methods, studying new raw materials and production systems, checking products by means of cooking tests and modulation, organising panel tests to check quality standards and simulating product industrialisation.



Over 1400 employees work in the production and logistics sectors. Their safety is of paramount importance to Fileni. To protect its employees, the company has devised, printed and circulated a booklet providing a simple and clear summary of the workplace safety procedures which must be applied to prevent any accidents from occurring. As the Fileni workforce includes individuals of over 40 ethnic groups, the booklet was printed and circulated in 12 different languages to maximise comprehension, particularly where such a sensitive subject is concerned.


La sicurezza sul lavoro



The studies conducted over the years by the Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca per gli Alimenti e la Nutrizione (Italian National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition; INRAN) show that white chicken and turkey meat are amongst the leanest you can find and have a very high protein content. These characteristics make white meat a particularly suitable food for athletes and children: it provides the protein required to support physical activity yet, due to its digestibility,does not weigh down the body. Furthermore, white meat is rich in the amino acids which are essential for growth, and therefore of vital importance during developmental stages.

Below is a comparative table summarising the nutritional properties of the main types of meat:


No fry


For some years now, Fileni has been committed to studying and adopting techniques and recipes which guarantee quality and preserve the nutritional values of poultry, such as organic production, the use of GM-free animal feed and the innovative “No Fry” system, which eliminates the need for frying oil in the production of breaded products.

The guarantee of quality, which has always been found alongside the Fileni name, has allowed us to earn the trust of millions of customers, the foremost retail purchasing consortiums and the leading baby food brands.

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