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Fileni’s history is one with that of its founder: Giovanni Fileni was born in Monsano , Marche region, on 28 January 1940. He was the youngest brother of three in a family of sharecroppers from Vallesina countryside.

Unable to complete secondary school, at the age of 14 he began working as a mechanic in a motorcycle workshop, a sector in which he created a small company in 1958 when he was just eighteen. In 1965 he began taking an interest in the poultry farming industry so, while keeping his job as a mechanic, he started working at the first farmyard animal husbandry system in Monsano countryside , near to his family home. A year later he had built the first breeding shed with 5,000 chickens to be sold door to door to the housewives of Vallesina.

In 1967, with the help of his wife Rosina, he opened the first shop for the direct sale of chickens in Jesi. Within 14 years he was counting with 48 shops and 15 breeding sheds for a total of 21,000 square meters. The first slaughterhouse was built in 1968. The expertise of having a first-hand contact with customers turned out to be the key of understanding the social changes which have been driving new consumer needs ever since. One of most relevant features of latter-day Fileni was born: the sale of ready-to-eat products.



At the end of the Eighties, Giovanni Fileni managed to foresee and understand before the others the transition from retail to large-scale distribution. In 1989 he shut down his stores and built a factory for ready-made products in Cingoli, near Jesi. In 1995 he decided to build a new, larger slaughterhouse thus creating the full meat-processing production chain, just when many poultry farms were going out of business for not having implemented the complete chick-to-finished product cycle.  In 2008 Fileni took another big step by starting production in the new Castelplanio plant. It counted with 1,600 workers, the ones to whom is dedicated the 2008 company’s third social report.

Today, Fileni stands as the third national player in the poultry meat industry and the first Italian producer of organic agriculture white meat.



You can experience something new even by sitting around a table, as you rediscover an authentic taste which is deeply rootedin the love for our land and for all of its gifts.

That’s why we want to take the good old flavors back to the table out of respect for tradition and raw materials, to give consumers the pleasure of quality products every day.



We pursue three values along this journey to excellence:


Being spontaneous, honest and reliable.


Being genuine, strict and pure.


Being proactive, pioneering and independent.



The key to our success is in clarity of our vision: supplying the market with genuine and quality products . Fileni was among the first Italian poultry companies to be awarded with a product and supply chain traceability certification. Founded by Giovanni Fileni in 1978, the company has grown steadily to point at large-scale distribution. In fact, its volumes became bigger over time to meet an ever-increasing demand and to serve a larger market.


In the brand new Cingoli plant, embedded among the hills of Marche, Fileni has developed the Agri-food System by which you can control the whole production process, from breeding to distribution. Then he had his quality management system acknowledged according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 norm and the renowned IFS European certification, as a proof of consistency towards his own mission. Top-quality and genuine  products, creativity and innovation, an improvement- and challenge-oriented mindset: these are the cornerstones of a company meant to grow. Being rooted in tradition, awake to the present and launched into the future.



Fileni relies on cutting-edge technology seamlessly and thoroughly blended with traditional artisan processes. Our experimental kitchen is the setting where our chefs work side by side in order to create, improve and test new and tasty recipes.

The kitchen/lab is equipped not just with common household appliances but also with machines simulating production activities on a smaller scale. Moreover, panel tests are performed weekly on the entire product range to ensure that production standard level is always at the top.




Research and development activity is aimed at studying the new deli and cooking trends of our country in order to always meet consumer needs and tastes while providing for top-notch quality.

Our R&D division is always committed to developing and fine-tuning new recipes and cooking tips, searching for new raw materials and production systems, trialling products with cooking tests and reheating, arranging panel tests to check quality standards and simulating product industrialization.


Workplace safety

We have more than 1,400 people working in the Production and Logistics divisions. Their safety is top priority for us. In order to protect its employees, Fileni has created, printed and distributed a booklet summarizing in a plain and precise way the safety procedures to be followed to avoid any type of accident during work. Since our people come from more than 40 ethnic groups, the booklet has been printed and distributed in 12 different languages in order to guarantee
maximum understanding of such a hot topic.


Workplace safety


Why choosing chicken?

According to the studies conducted over the years by the National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition (INRAN), white chicken and turkey meat are among the leanest and have a very high protein content. White meat are thus a most suitable food for the diet of athletes and young people, since they provide the right protein intake to support physical activity and, at the same time, they don’t weigh down the body thank to their high digestibility. Plus, being rich in growth amino acids, white meat are essential to one’s physical development.

Here is a comparative table with a recap of the nutritional properties of the main types of meat:


No fry


Fileni spent years studying and choosing techniques and recipes to guarantee the quality and preserve the nutritional values ​​of poultry meat such as the organic production, the use of GMO-free feed and the < strong> groundbreaking € œNo Fry € system, which eliminates fried oil in the production of breaded products.

The guarantee of quality for which Fileni has been known from day one has gained us the trust of millions of customers, the main large-scale retail trade chains and the most important brands of baby food.




PSR MARCHE 2014 2020

Sottomisura 16.1 – Support for the creation and functioning of EIP Operational Groups

Azione 2 Financing of Operational Groups

EAFRD – European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe bets in rural areas

Project partnership:

Carnj Società Cooperativa  Agricola (Leader)

Carnj Società Cooperativa Agricola (Leader)

Soc. Agricola Sorriso srl

Soc. Agricola Biologica Fileni srl

Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Umbria e delle Marche “Togo Rosati”

Università  degli studi di Camerino

Novamont spa

Arca Srl Società  Benefit


The soon-to-be Group’s target is to replace the traditional materials used in agri-food packaging with a biodegradable packaging (MaterBi) suitable for the preservation of organic poultry meat and to assess the impact of this process’ waste materials (organic manure and bio-composted bio-plastics) on soils meant for the production of agricultural raw materials in compliance with a circular economy.


Process innovation will lead to the launch of a white meat-based organic product to be sold with a package including tray, label and film entirely made with biodegradable and compostable material. Such a product would be one of a kind in Italy. At the same time, this innovation brings forth a blatant reduction of undifferentiated waste and the recovery of organic matter through a virtuous and economically-sustainable end of life (composting).


PSR MARCHE 2014 2020

Sottomisura 16.1 – Support for the creation and functioning of EIP Operational Groups

Azione 2 Financing of Operational Groups€

EAFRD – European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe bets in rural areas

Project Partnership:

Società  Agricola Biologica Fileni srl





Società Agricola Biologica Fileni (Leader)

Arca srl Società  benefit

Aea srl

Soc. AgriBlu ss

Università  Politecnica delle Marche


The project aims at mitigating the current soil degradation in the Marche region while preserving and improving their functionality, biodiversity and the interwoven ecosystem services through the transfer and adaptation of conservation agriculture techniques and technologies (known as bio-conservation agriculture) from other production patterns to the organic farming systems of Marche, especially on the most widespread rotating arable crops.


The innovation will lead to the creation and development of an organic agricultural productive model suitable to new climate scenarios, attentive to soil conservation and biodiversity and supported by technological tools such as sensors and IT applications for timely and proper monitoring.

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