It’s good, it’s natural, it’s Italian.
This is the first line of fully organic meat products

Once upon a time there was the healthy diet of our grandparents. It was a nutrition based on good, simple, homemade food which was born of common sense, consciousness and natural, healthy choices.


It was a thing of the past but also a thing of today, as we can still eat this way. It’s all about choosing the right products. Fileni BIO is the first Italian line of organic meat products. A range born of a constantly-monitored production chain complying with animal wellness and environmental requirements. A high-end line dedicated to all those who want to buy good and healthy products and take really good care of their own health. Just like you.

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Not only are our animals born and bred in Italy, living their whole life in our amazing land, but the very feeds they eat are strictly Italian, coming from a last-generation feed mill specialized in organic farming feeds.




Our animals grow peacefully, barn-raised and with the possibility of going outside through dedicated pop-holes in breeding facilities. They can move freely and live in tune with nature. This make them healthy and physically active throughout their lifetime.


All our production steps and decisions are primed by responsible and conscious choices in full compliance with nature, the environment and the people who have chosen – or are going to choose – us.



Guarantee and safety

In order to be organic, the chicken should eat organic feed only, grow on organic farmland and meet all the requirements envisaged by strict applicable regulations. Daily veterinary inspections ensure that the animals are always in good health and with the best possible life conditions. Our line meets all these requirements. This is why we have been awarded with the renowned Organic Agriculture certification starting from 2001.


Great texture, enhanced cooking yield and the unique taste of tradition: our meat products come with the flavor of chickens bred naturally and without GMO, artificial additives and preservatives. They are healthy, they are natural, they are tastier.



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