It’s good, it’s natural, it’s Italian.
This is the first line of fully organic meat products

A 20-year experience in the organic field and a stunning attention to the Italian gastronomic tradition: a whole world of good and simple products is born, spinning around common sense, awareness and natural and healthy choices.
Unique-flavored, environment-friendly, animal-aware organic meat.

Fileni BIO is the first Italian line of organic meat products.. A range born of a constantly-monitored production chain complying with animal wellness and environmental requirements. A high-end line dedicated to all those who want to buy good and healthy products and take really good care of their own health.
Just like you.

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Our meat stands out

The ultimate goal of each production step is providing higher quality meat that stands out from all other meats. This is why we comply with top-level food authenticity and safety standards. We do want to offer you something you would not find anywhere else.

Born in Le Marche, between hills and pure air

Not only are our animals born and bred in Italy, living their whole life in the amazing central Italy countryside, but the very feeds they eat come from a last-generation feed mill in Jesi, specialized in organic farming feeds.



Made with respect

Our organic farming, designed for animal welfare, ensures a suitable temperature, and that food and water are always available, with open spaces where the animals can roam freely. Our organic barn-raised chickens are nurtured for at least 81 days, they live in tune with nature and are free to go outside through special pop-holes. They are so being kept physically active and in good health throughout their lifetime.
Our facilities are surrounded by organic farmland and our farming practices are strictly regulated:

  • Animal population density is controlled: no more than five animals per one sqm area inside breeding farms and at least four sqm available for each animal in the outdoor areas;
  • Animals are ensured with a dark period of at least 8 hours a day

Attention and care characterize each stage of production. With regards to eggs, in order to ensure top food authenticity, hens and roosters are bred together thus providing for a totally natural reproduction.

Red meat

Fileni BIO red meat is the expression of a philosophy committed to a quality with no compromise that puts consumer health and animal welfare first.
Our cattle and pigs are 4 times Italian because they are strictly born, raised, slaughtered and dissected in Italy.

Our animals are raised with respect for their freedom of movement and fed with balanced feeds, formulated specifically for their diet and well-being. Cattle and pigs grow free and without any hurry : they are left to graze without any forcing, thus respecting the ethology of the species.

Organic means eco-friendly and GMO-free red meat as well: no pesticides or chemicals are used in our animals’ pasture lands.


Guaranteed by the most important certifications

In order to be organic, chickens should eat organic feed only, grow on untainted organic farmland and meet all the requirements envisaged by strict applicable regulations. Compared to a common field, the organic field is GMO- and pesticide-free, treated without fertilizers or harmful chemicals and farmed by means of higher-quality seeds so as to foster biodiversity  while enhancing the farmland. Our line is the full package: no wonder it has been awarded with the renowned Organic Agriculture Certification already back in 2001.”

Organic to the corn

In order to provide our animals with the right amount of nutritional elements, you need the right feed. Our organic feeds are all about soybean, corn and sorghum. They are made in our feed mill in Jesi by using organic, strictly GMO-free raw materials only with no chemicals added. Also, raw materials and finished products alike undergo a strict multi-residual analysis program in order to rule out the presence of chemical substances not allowed by organic regulations.



We check every step

In order to meet the highest quality standards, all productions and semi-finished products undergo most severe periodic random checks. Furthermore, daily veterinary inspections ensure that the animals are always in good health and with the best possible life conditions.

Unmistakably good

Great texture, enhanced cooking yield and the unique taste of tradition: our meat come with the flavor of naturally-bred, GMO-free chickens with with no artificial additives or preservatives. These meats are healthy, natural and tastier.  Their and it stands for all the care and attention we put in each breeding step.



Sustainable by nature

Our decisions are driven by accountability  and awareness. All our choices are made out of the utmost respect for Nature, the environment and the people who chose or will choose us.
Transports are streamlined and productive activities are cost-effective, while using renewable sources and alternative energies such as solar panels and cogeneration systems allows us to take care of our beautiful land.
Never forgetting the fight against waste , which is another key word – we actually reuse spent litter as fertilizer for organic fields, thus triggering a virtuous circle that starts from raw materials to reach your table.

Born out of an intuition over 20 years ago

Fileni Bio is the result of both an extraordinary intuition and a long-term experience in the organic food industry. At the end of the Nineties, we began thinking out of the box with an unprecedented way to breeding: the organic one. Despite it being largely regarded as Utopian dream, we saw it like a true game-changer ridden with opportunities for animal health and welfare. We were certain yesterday, and we are even more certain today.



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