We have chosen to defend the future


Our long road to environmental sustainability

A journey built on responsibility and respect for the environment
We intend to uphold and defend the global right to well-being.

Chicken is “tasty”

Chicken is one with the earth, nourishes man, gives him energy and keeps him healthy and strong.

As a staple of our diet and our well-being, chicken generates “second raw material”, it tells the sustainability of our land, the tale of our communities and their territory and the food tradition of our country.

Chicken is the source of our well-being. All health, taste and safety are lost without it.

Sustainability is a long road

For us, sustainability is a long road starting from history and tradition and unfolding towards the future.

A journey into responsibility and environmental compliance. For this reason our company has decided to focus on product quality as an assumption of responsibility towards the consumer, and on sustainability as an assumption of responsibility towards the resources being used in the production cycle.

Along this journey we “realized” that doing things right is good for everyone: the producer, the consumer, the well-being of men and animals, the planet.
To us, being sustainable means an essential competitive advantage. Starting with the new farms.

Going back home for chicken well-being and environment protection.

Placing farms close to meat processing and production plants allowed for a significant reduction in road transport volume, thus improving neatly the welfare of animals that no longer suffer the stress of being hauled and bringing forth a considerable advantage in the reduction of polluting emissions.

To us, being sustainable means an essential competitive advantage. Starting with the new farms.

Building new plants specifically designed for poultry farming allowed Fileni to design cutting-edge and high-tech, digitized structures. These premises meet the most advanced health and hygiene standards, address the specific needs of animals and are very efficient in terms of environmental impact and consumption.

From meat to environmental sustainability.

To us, bringing the production heart back to Marche has meant walking tall on the path of an even greater independence in all stages of production. From the breeders and the incubation plant up to the feed mill, Fileni is now the absolute star of its own supply chain The new feed mill in Jesi – where all the wheat, corn, sorghum and soybean-based feed used in organic farms is produced – stands as a cornerstone in the sustainable development of the Group’s integrated supply chain.

Besides producing white meat, Fileni is producing environmental sustainability as well.

To us, being eco-friendly also means being a pioneer in launching an efficiency and energy saving plan. This is a plan developed for those who want to achieve zero impact in energy consumption by buying electricity from renewable sources only, as guaranteed by the GO (Guarantee of Origin) certification.



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Sustainability Report  By this document we try to tell our approach and commitment to our customers, the environment, our people and our land Download

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